Thursday, December 18, 2008

baby it's coal outside & snowing!

We're expecting a big snowstorm tomorrow, so tonight I felt like painting my nails in hopes of at least a couple inches! I chose baby it's coal outside as the color, then put snowflakes on each nail. Now I just gotta wait! Heres some pics without flash and with flash.

Tuesday, December 16, 2008

orly passion fruit

Yesterday I got a package in the mail from my elf! This polish is my favorite of the bunch. Here's some pictures of it, but I don't think the pictures do it justice. In reality the polish is a bright pink, slightly calmer than a neon pink. In these pics it looks orange though. Enjoy!

without flash

without flash

"glowing" with flash

Wednesday, December 10, 2008

My Take On the "one finger a different color" Mani

I've been seeing this all over the place so I finally broke and tried my own version. My ulta finally got in the new essie collex, and sexy divide is the only color that I loved enough to take home. I've been waiting all weekend to try it out and finally got some time to paint my nails last night. So here is essie sexy divide as the main color and the index finger is molten metal.

Thursday, December 4, 2008

Notd: Essie Sandy Beach

Today's mani is essie sandy beach. Now that I have been introduced to the wonders of polish thinner I can finally wear my older colors again (I cringe just thinking about all the polishes I've thrown out cuz they were gloopy :S ) I like this as a change from darker colors, It feels kinda naughty to me, almost like lingerie for the nails, lol.

with flash:

without flash:

Nail Polish Decoration!

I bought this on ebay and just wanted to share a pic of it with you all. This is going front and center on my tree!

Monday, December 1, 2008

Sleigh Ride Day!

Hope you all had a great holiday. My nails are super short today, I broke one during the black friday madness, lol. Today the gals at mua are doing sleigh ride themed manis, so here's mine. I started with one coat of rimmel's deliciously dark, and used two coats of ruby pumps, here's the results.

Wednesday, November 26, 2008

My Bag of Tricks

So these are the items I absolutely cannot be without. I have these in my purse at all times.
  • my sally hansen cuticle remover
  • burt's bees lemon butter cuticle cream
  • cnd solar balm
  • two cuticle pushers (metal for cleaning under the nails, and rubber tipped)
  • neutrogena hand cream
  • cuticle nippers for any loose skin
  • black panther file
  • nail file to smooth rough skin around nails
  • band aid blister block (so I can keep wearing those 4 inchers!)

pedi pics

Unlike most of you nail polish lovers, my obsession started with pedicures. I'm a recovering nail biter, but I've always taken great pride in my feet. Until a couple months ago I could never manage to keep my fingers out of my mouth (I know, gross). So here's some pics of pedi colors I've sported in the past.

opi girls just wanna play
opi you're such a kabuki queen

sally hansen tunisian sand

sally hansen extreme wear cherry red

chg ruby pumps

(I'm still learning how to do this, so hopefully these pics turned out bigger than the last post. )

Pics of past Notd's

opi you don't know jacques (flash)
opi you don't know jacques (no flash)

opi you're such a kabuki queen

ulta fuschia crush

sally hansen tunisian sand

opi tickle my francey (my fave babb shade)

rimmel black satin, with gems stuck on by cuticle

rimmel sunnyside

opi lincoln park after dark (my personal fave)

sally hansen extreme wear cherry red

borghese capri coral

the elusive nyc molten metal

nyc molten metal

incoco 24 karats enamel strips

opi sheer your toys

opi sheer your toys

My routine

There are a couple of products that I use for every mani. I remove all polish with acetone, then I use soap and water and a nail brush to wash my nails off, then I use a prep that I picked up at sally beauty, It makes sure all oils are gone before I start. My b/c of choice is borghese magnetico, I always have good results with it. I apply two coats of color (I tend to do thick coats so two is almost always enough) My t/c of choice is seche vite.

I have also recently become obsessed with cuticle care (since participating on the mua nailboard) Every morning at my desk I apply cnd solar balm and push my cuticles back. (I'm guilty of trimming them every so often too)

Welcome to my Blog

Welcome to my blog. I was inspired to start one by all the other gals with great nail polish blogs. Please excuse the name, I wasn't at my most creative this morning. You'll notice that I tend to wear my nails short, and favor reds, pinks, and pale neutrals, hence the name. Hope you all enjoy!