Friday, September 11, 2009

Wet n Wild, Wild Orchid

Today I'm rockin' some wet n wild, wild orchid. This brand brings me back to my childhood, i've received many a bottle in those little bags you used to get at the end of a birthday party. Well I saw this beauty sitting alone on the end of a store shelf, and I snagged it. I'm really starting to like purples! This one took three coats to be as bright as I wanted it, but it looks gorgeous so all is well!

Opi Grape Fit..

Here's a polish I picked up over the summer when I was on vacation. I love to bring back souvenirs, and what better than nail polish! Everytime I wear it, I'm reminded of the vacay (I went to Bringantine Beach, by the way) I present to you Opi Grape Fit. Before this color, I was not a fan of purple nail polish, I'd worn it maybe twice in my life, but since picking this up in june, I've already sported about 4 purple mani's this summer. Maybe it's because it's not a true purple, its kind of dusty looking, but that's why I love it!

Alpine Snow...

Last Friday I picked up the october issue of glamour, and on the cover is gwen stefani with white nails. I've tried white nails before, but the application just wasn't smooth, it went on streaky and reminded me of white-out! So I figured I'd give it another try, and went out and bought opi alpine snow. I wish I had bought this from the start, it goes on smooth, and the white looks high fashion, not like I slapped it on at recess!

Instant Artificials

I picked up some instant artificials after hearing about it on the nail board. I couldn't wait to try it, I've heard great things. I've been using it now for about 2 weeks, and I really like it. It takes a while to dry, but I think it's worth it. Worn alone it leaves nails shiny and hard, and you can use it as a base coat also. I don't know it if makes polish last longer, cuz honestly I change my polish too often to find out. You can find it at sallys beauty.

pedicure disaster!

ok, so i don't know what happened but I noticed that my nails were chipping, so I had to file my toesies super short, and start all over again. There won't be pedi posts for a while, so enjoy my mani's in the meantime.