Thursday, October 31, 2013

The infamous skeleton mani

I'm sure everyone has seen this skeleton mani floating around pinterest. When I saw it I knew it had to be my halloween mani. I only did the design on my right hand because I'm left handed and I was scared to try this with my non dominant hand. So on the other hand I wore a skull ring. The orange is from the banana republic and milly set, the black is rimmel black satin, and the white is opi alpine snow.

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

Mr. and Mrs. Frankenstein

Here's another halloween mani I did. I used yesterday's halloween mani, and just changed up the ring fingers. The rest of my fingers are still covergirl violast, and the patchwork design is drawn on with a sharpie. For mr and mrs frankenstein I used the lime green color in the mini opi halloween set, I think it's called waiting in lime. The hair, mouth, and eyes are rimmel black satin. Whites of the eyes are opi alpine snow. The bow on the mrs. is essie pink parka.

Tuesday, October 29, 2013

Halloween spider web mani

Here's a halloween mani I did using covergirl violast (which is insanely hard to photograph), and rimmel black satin on the ring finger. I painted the web using opi alpine snow and a polka dotting tool. A striper or even a thin brush would have been better, but I didn't plan ahead and had to make due with what I had.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Impress... press on manicure

I picked up this impress mani kit to try last night. Here are my thoughts on it:

- I originally bought it for the nail stickers in the kit. It cost the same price as the regular impress kits, but it came with stickers too, so it was an easy choice.

-The name of the kit was sugar cookie, which I still can not figure out. ?

-It was easy to apply, although the length of the nails was a little short, you can see that I had to leave some cuticle gap in order for the nails to cover the tip of my own.

-Only the cuticle area of the nails sticks, which I bothers me, because there's a gap between the nail tip and my natural nail tip, and if these last for more than a couple of days I can see trouble with moisture and lotions getting under them. Maybe my nails are just too flat?

- After I decorated with the stickers, I applied a top coat to help seal them. By this morning the top coat is already peeling, so apparently these are not meant to be topcoated.

- Overall I would only buy these again if they come out with nice designs around christmas time. I'm dying to try a fair isle sweater look mani, so come out with that and I'm in!

Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Revlon parfumerie china flower

Picked this one up last week when I finally found the revlon perfumerie display at a store. This one is called china flower. The color is red, and even though it's not jelly, after two coats I can still see some visible nail line. I really like the color, it's a great classic red. However I do not like the scent. I couldn't place it last night, but this morning I figured it out- It reminds me scented toilet paper!  Hopefully the smell of this one will fade within a day like the last one did, because I must say it is strong!

More blue manis

Here's a couple more blue manis I've been saving for you guys:

1 & 2- Kate spade on the town. Kate spade on the town topped with kate spade razzle dazzle- I picked these up as part of a set I found at my tj maxx. It came with four bottles, these two, a pink, and a gold glitter. Really liked this one, it doesn't hurt that I feel all fancy wearing kate spade polish either!

3- thumb, index, and ring finger are rimmel blue eye girl, ring and pinky fingers are orly lucky duck

4 & 5- sinful colors endless blue- this is probably my favorite blue ever, it so bright and crisp it feels like your nails are being followed around by their own perfect lighting crew!

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

a couple of blue manis

here's a couple of blue manis I've done recently

1- sinful colors oceanside, this one matched my wallet, simple things that make me happy lol

2- julie g blueberry fizz- this is a texture polish, i love the julie g texture polishes

3- wet n wild dark side of the blues with essie stroke of brilliance as an accent

4- sally hansen sugarcoat razzleberry. This is a texture I did not like at all. It had no glitter in it, it reminds me of the gritty paint that some people paint on the bottom of their swimming pools that always ends up hurting your feet.

5- nyc raindrop- I added polka dots to this one with matte topcoat, not sure if the picture captures it well, but it provided a subtle look I enjoyed.

Monday, October 21, 2013

Dark and sparkly

Here's a mani inspired by one I saw on pinterest. The navy is revlon urban, and the sparkly is studio m magic attraction.

Wednesday, October 16, 2013

Some red nail spam

Here are a couple of red manis that I've done recently
1- nuance orange poppy

2- rimmel red steady go

3 & 4- milani cherry pie- this was my first time using a stamper and I'll admit I went a little o.t.t., but I just couldn't stop once I got the hang of it. I tossed the scraper that came with the stamping set and just used a razor blade, the type you would put in a box cutter. The stamped color is essie good as gold.

5- butter london knees up

Revlon parfumerie bordeaux

Here is the first of the scented polishes I picked up. I love deep wine colors paired with my fair skin, and this definitely fits that category. It applied nicely, the round handle of the brush was easy to get used to. As of the next morning the scent was still there, but you have to actually sniff your fingers to smell it, which admittedly looks a little weird to nail- outsiders, lol. I would definitely purchase more of these,  I liked the formula, and the novelty of the scent, and the price was great too. My rite aid had them at $5 and change, plus they were a bogo 50% off ( so of course I had to get two ! ) I'll have pics of the other, china flower, up soon.

Small haul

Last night I accompanied the hubby to get his car stereo installed. While they had the car, we walked around the mini mall, and I made a few polish purchases.  At marshalls I picked up a sephora nail brightener. This is more of a sheer milky color, I don't believe it actually whitens the nail, it just gives it a color adjustment. I also picked up essie olè caliente. I had been searching for this one for a while. After marshalls we stopped at rite aid. The layout of the store was crazy, in the front of the store where you would normally find cosmetic collections were the pantyhose. I don't figure they're that big of a customer draw so it was odd to me. I found the new nailpolish displays in the back corner of the store. I was super excited to find the scented revlons, I have been waiting for come across them for a while now. They were running a bogo 50% off, so I picked up 2. I got bordeaux and china flower. I'll have pics of bordeaux up soon, as that's the one I can't wait to try!

Wednesday, October 9, 2013

A couple of takes on the texture trend

Here are three textured manis I've done recently. The first is just a straight up textured mani. The color is julie g sugar rush. I love the textured finish of the julie g gumdrop polishes,  I can't say the same for the sally hansen sugar coats, which is an entirely different story.

My second take on the texture mani is a gradient. I used two julie g polishes for this one. The darker color is julie g sugar rush, the lighter color is tangerine dream. I didn't use sponges or anything for the gradient, the texture of the polishes helped it to blend seamlessly.

My third mani uses julie g tangerine dream and rimmel hot chilli pepper. I love how the texture and smooth shiny polish contrast when paired on the nail.

Revlon blue slate

Found this on clearance at christmas tree shops a couplle of weeks ago, and had a coupon for it so brought this one home for free!

Monday, October 7, 2013

Rimmel bronze princess

This is the last of the polishes I picked up on my weekend off. I happened by this at kmart, I'm not sure if it's part of an old collection or something new, because they had two bottles of this on a random shelf. I had a $1 off rimmel coupon, so I brought this home for around 99 cents!

Nuance prickly pear

Another polish I picked up while away. This one is by nuance, Salma Hayek's brand. Prickly pear is a true cactus green, I can't stop staring at this one!

Thursday, October 3, 2013

Essie no more film

Here's a couple of pics of essie no more film. This is one of the polishes I picked up on vacay, its a deep purple, but it still looks purple  ( it's not so dark it looks black) I love this one!