Friday, October 25, 2013

Impress... press on manicure

I picked up this impress mani kit to try last night. Here are my thoughts on it:

- I originally bought it for the nail stickers in the kit. It cost the same price as the regular impress kits, but it came with stickers too, so it was an easy choice.

-The name of the kit was sugar cookie, which I still can not figure out. ?

-It was easy to apply, although the length of the nails was a little short, you can see that I had to leave some cuticle gap in order for the nails to cover the tip of my own.

-Only the cuticle area of the nails sticks, which I bothers me, because there's a gap between the nail tip and my natural nail tip, and if these last for more than a couple of days I can see trouble with moisture and lotions getting under them. Maybe my nails are just too flat?

- After I decorated with the stickers, I applied a top coat to help seal them. By this morning the top coat is already peeling, so apparently these are not meant to be topcoated.

- Overall I would only buy these again if they come out with nice designs around christmas time. I'm dying to try a fair isle sweater look mani, so come out with that and I'm in!

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